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Fruits of Summer, a photo essay

As we enter into the final days of summer, I thought I’d share a collection of photos I made over the summer.

cherry tomatoes
In the summer time when the weather is hot, you can stretch right up and touch the sky…

I grew these cherry tomatoes in a bucket in my backyard. The plants got so tall that they draped over the 6′ fence. They’re called “Sweet 100” and they are delicious. This was the first year in the past several that my plants have been this successful. One friend said that they tasted “like candy.”

I found my thrill, on blueberry hill…

These blueberries truly are the “fruits of my labour.”  They’re from bushes that my grandfather planted over 60 years ago. For two of the past three years I’ve helped my Daddy prune and cover the bushes with bird netting– long, hot, sweaty days in the Downeast sun. But it’s all worth it when you eat a big handful of sweet, juicy berries right off the bush.

scuppernong grapes
There is no other experience quite like eating a scuppernong grape. It’s like a surprise party in your mouth.

These are the only fruits that weren’t homegrown. (But they did come from a little town not far from where I grew up.)  When I was a little girl, my Grandaddy also had grape vines (there are still some old vines that wind their way through the blueberry bushes as a matter of fact.) I can’t eat a scuppernong grape without being flooded with nostalgic memories of eating them right off the vine.

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