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Date & Almond Protein Rounds

These delightful little fruit “rounds” had a two-fold inspiration: the first being the original recipe from a fitness magazine (which I tweaked and made better, if I do so say myself) and these fruit and nut “things” (I called them … Continue reading

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Spicy Fermented Dill Pickles

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled cucumbers…. In my house, we go through pickles faster than just about any other “accoutrements”. If left alone, my husband will blow through half a jar at one sitting. And I’m talking about … Continue reading

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Caramel Corn

You know those huge 3-section tins of popcorn (the ones the neighbourhood kids would sell for fundraisers?) that lived on top of the refrigerator for months after you received them?  You know, the ones with the stale buttered popcorn, and … Continue reading