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Pimento Cheese

As summer finally starts to wind down, I thought I’d share one last summertime recipe. Of course, pimento cheese can be enjoyed year round, but there’s just something about it makes me think of summer. T is the pimento cheese … Continue reading

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Kale Salad

When me and T were on our mini-honeymoon we stopped at this great little bakery in Weaverville (NC).  They had the most amazing confections, as well as a selection of deli lunch options. One of such options was kale salad. … Continue reading

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Insalata Caprese

I’m convinced that in another life, I was an Italian. I love Italian food. And I’m not talking about limp pasta and sauce from a jar. I mean good Italian food. With fresh ingredients, and salty cheeses, and plenty of bread on … Continue reading

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Italian Bread

I am a novice bread maker. In fact, I’ve never made a decent loaf of bread in my life. My greatest success was the yeast rolls at Thanksgiving. So, why have I decided to take on Italian bread as my … Continue reading

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Meat Loaf and Macaroni & Cheese

Growing up in a “culturally appreciative” home, T’s parents often prepared ethnically diverse meals. Not all of which were kid-friendly (borscht anyone?) So, one year for his birthday T asked for good ol’ American boy food: meat loaf and macaroni & … Continue reading