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My Man Loves Me or, It’s OK to Buy Your Woman a KitchenAide Appliance

*WaaaaHOOOOO!!!* I am the proud new owner of a 5-quart, “Metallic Crome” KitchenAide Artisan Series stand mixer!!!

I have been dreaming… lusting… pining away for this mixer for several months now. (If I’d known what I was missing, I would have started lusting and pining years ago!)   I’ve been cruising eBay and dropping not-so-subtle hints; patiently waiting for the next 6 months to pass so that I can hit the “Black Friday” sales and get me one on the cheap.

I really did plan to buy one for myself. Really. I was just waiting for the right time.

As it just so happens, my Christmas in July party (how much fun does that sound?!) is this weekend, so T decided to get a jump on the Holiday season and  surprise me with a new mixer.

Surprised indeed! Even though I accidently found it in the living room closet (where T hastily stowed it when I stopped by right after it was delivered.) Who’d of thought I’d need a blanket in 95° weather? We decided to wait until the party to open the box, but after a week, T couldn’t wait any longer and let me open it Saturday night.

Goodbye hand mixer, hello gorgeous.

T immediately reaped the benefits (get your mind out of the gutter!) with a scratch-made banana bread. Next up on the menu is sugar cookie dough and icing, and dry ice eggnog ice cream for the party this weekend!

Once I whip up a few more treats, I’ll post a user’s review.

If you need me, I’ll be in the kitchen polishing my mixer. *grin*

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