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Chocolate-Banana-Bread © 2012 theCrackerBoxKitchen. All rights reserved.

Chocolate Banana Bread

How many times have you bought unripe bananas, only to have them freckled and fermenting before the end of the week?  Ugh. I think the  “lemons to lemonade” saying should actually be, “when life hands you over-ripe bananas, make banana … Continue reading

chamomile lemonade © 2011 theCrackerBoxKitchen. All rights reserved.

Chamomile Lemonade

You may never make lemonade with just water and lemons again. (And you certainly won’t use that powdered stuff anymore!) The inspiration for this concoction came from the strangest of places: my desire to have naturally sun-highlighted (high-lit?) hair. A couple … Continue reading