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Spicy Fermented Dill Pickles

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled cucumbers…. In my house, we go through pickles faster than just about any other “accoutrements”. If left alone, my husband will blow through half a jar at one sitting. And I’m talking about … Continue reading

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Mexican-style Seasoning

This might just be the easiest “recipe” I’ve ever shared. Part of me feels like I should save this post for “Taco Tuesday!”, but for all you folks looking to livin’ up your weekend, I’m going to go ahead and … Continue reading

KitchenAide Artisan stand mixer © 2010 theCrackerBoxKitchen. All rights reserved.

My Man Loves Me or, It’s OK to Buy Your Woman a KitchenAide Appliance

*WaaaaHOOOOO!!!* I am the proud new owner of a 5-quart, “Metallic Crome” KitchenAide Artisan Series stand mixer!!! I have been dreaming… lusting… pining away for this mixer for several months now. (If I’d known what I was missing, I would … Continue reading